Dog Vaccination Calendar

Find out the best times to get your dog vaccinated with the Dog Vaccination Calendar which includes both recommended and optional immunizations.

Dog ScheduleDuring the first year of your pet's life, your new puppy will require a series of vaccinations. In order to protect your puppy from diseases whilst his/her immune system develops, you can consult the Dog Vaccination Calendar to oversee the appropriate Health Care for your pet. Although veterinarians will recommend a slight variation to the Dog Immunization Schedule provided depending on each individual pet, the first-year Dog Vaccination Schedule more or less resembles the Dog Vaccination Calendar provided below.

For more information on caring for your Dog, you can consult our selection of Dog Calendars which can be found on the Pets Calendars page.

Dog Vaccination Calendar | Dog Immunization Calendar

Consult the Dog Vaccination Calendar to find out the recommended and optional vaccines required for your dog. Most needed during the first few years of your pet's life, the Dog Vaccination Schedule also suggests the age at which the vaccines should be adminstered. Stay up-to-date with the Health Care of your dog thanks to the Dog Vaccination Calendar!

Dog Immunization Schedule

However, depending on factors like where you live and the type of vaccine the vet uses, you are required by law to make sure your dog has the rabies vaccine every one to three years.Many people, vets included, believe that adult pets are becoming overvaccinated which can pose health risks. While some believe that vaccinations should be performed yearly, your fully grown dog may not need annual immunizations. Instead, you can organize titer tests (designed to check your pet's immunity levels) which can then determine whether more vaccinations are really needed.

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