Presidential Election Countdown

Recording the Days until the Presidential Elections, find out when the Elections are scheduled to take place with the Presidential Election Countdown Clock.

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Days Until Presidential ElectionThe time left until the upcoming 2016 Presidential Elections is recorded by the Presidential Election Countdown Clock in the exact number of days, hours and minutes until Election Day in the USA! In America, Presidential Elections are held every 4 years and take place on the first Tuesday of November. Keep track of the remaining days until the upcoming Presidential Election with the Presidential Election Countdown Clock!

For more Countdowns and Timers recording the remaining time until an important date, consult the main Countdowns Page.

Presidential Election Countdown | Days Until Presidential Election

The USA holds elections on state and local levels. The Presidential Election takes place at the state-level to decide which people will become members of the Electoral College, which is the constitutional body responsible for electing the president, for each state. Then, those members of the Electoral College cast their own votes for the Presidential Candidates.

The first recorded Presidential Election in the USA took place in 1788 in which George Washington won.

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