Ovulation Calendar

Find out which are your most fertile days and when you have the best chances of getting pregnant with the ovulation calendar.


Ovulation CalendarWith the help of the ovulation calendar, also known as a fertility calendar, you can easily find out which are your most fertile days. The ovulation calendar, tailored to your personal details, clearly indicates which days will offer you better chances of conception.

Need help planning post-conception? These pregnancy calendars are vital for all expecting mothers.

How does the ovulation calendar work?

The calendar is very simple to use. You simply have to fill in the following fields and click on the “get calendar” button.

  • Date of your last period
  • Average duration of your menstrual cycle
  • Average duration of your luteal phase. If you are unsure as to what this is, you can find out more about the luteal phase here.

What are my most fertile days?

You are most fertile in the days immediately before and after ovulation. The ovulation or fertility calendar will show you, in a graphical format, the beginning of your cycle and the day you start ovulating. The ovulation calendar will clearly show the most fertile days of your cycle as purple markers and will even include a key indicating the most fertile day of all. If you wish, you can also navigate months ahead of time to better plan your upcoming pregnancy.

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