Astronomy Calendars

On this page, you can find Astronomy Calendars including Lunar, Solar and Lunisolar Calendars. Find out more about the varieties of Astronomical Calendars here.

Asrtonomical CalendarsOn this page, you can find a variety of Astronomy Calendars explained in detail and which list the occurrences of astronomic events from Lunar Phases to Solar Eclipses. Have a look at the Astronomical Calendars below to find out more about the most phenomenal natural events!

Lunar Calendar | Moon Phases

Lunar CalendarBased on the Moon Phases, the Lunar Calendar offers a simple and organized way of observing the changing Lunar Cycles. With Lunar Calendars for the upcoming years readily available, you can consult our selection of Moon Phase calendars to find out when a Full, Crescent or New Moon is going to take place.

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Sun Calendar | Solar Calendar

Solar CalendarThe sun calendar or solar calendar is based on the time it takes for the Earth to revolve around the SunMore commonly used as a means of measuring time, examples of common solar calendars include the Gregorian and Julian Calendar.

Lunisolar Calendar

The Lunisolar Calendar is a way of timekeeping based on a combination of the Lunar and Solar cycles. Discover how the Lunisolar Calendar works as well as its application and influence over other well-known calendars.

Eclipse Calendar

Eclipse CalendarUse the Eclipse Calendar to find out everything you need to know about the various types of Eclipses which occur when the moon and Earth form a line with the Sun. You can also have a look at the Eclipse Calendar to discover when and where future Lunar and Solar Eclipses will occur.

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