World Calendars

Discover the traditions of new and old civilizations with this collection of calendars from different countries and cultures around the world.

International CalendarsThere are so many different types of calendars in use all over the world and, despite some obvious differences between them, they all measure time based on the earth´s movements. Consequently, there are essentially three types of calendars: solar, lunar and lunisolar. Have a look at the following list of the most significant and widely used World Calendars...

Calendars from around the world

Chinese New YearThe Chinese Calendar explains the working of one of the most ancient calendars in existence. As well as including information regarding the Chinese Horoscope, the Chinese Calendar lists all of the upcoming Chinese Years which relate to different Chinese Zodiac Signs.

Chinese New Year Countdown

Mayan Calendar RoundDiscover more about the ancient Mayan Civilization with the help of the Mayan Calendar. Explaining the complex working of Mayan Timekeeping, the ancient Mayan Calendar includes information relating to the invention and development of the Mayan Calendar Round as well as Mayan Horoscopes and the Mayan Pregnancy Calendar.

Mayan Calendar RoundThe Mayan and Aztec Calendars are often confused, however, you can find out the main differences between the two with the Aztec Calendar. Discussing the differences between the two ancient civilizations, the Aztec Calendar includes everything you need to know about the ancient Aztec Civilization.


International Days Calendar

International Days CalendarPromoting awareness for different International Issues, the Calendar of International Days includes the dates of events which, often promoted by the United Nations, are celebrated or commemorated on a worldwide level. Find out which International Dates will be taking place with the free International Calendar.


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