Religious Calendars

On this page, you will be able to find a wide variety of religious calendars for every denomination. To find out more, simply choose the religious calendar you´re looking for…

Every religion has a different calendar which determines all of their important occasions, from religious celebrations and festivals to religious observances.

Here, you can consult manydifferent religious calendars which, established many years ago and still in use today, all pertain to a variety of religious beliefs from around the world.

Saints Days | Catholic Calendar

Feast Days CalendarThanks to the Saints Calendar from the Catholic Church, you can find out which saint is celebrated on each day of the year.

Christian Calendar

Christian CalendarThe Christian Calendar, also known as the liturgical calendar, is the term traditionally used for the calendar commonly in use. Although it originated in pre-Christian Rome, two main versions of the Christian calendar exist today: the Julian calendar and the Gregorian calendar.

Jewish Calendar | Hebrew Calendar

Hebrew CalendarThe Jewish or Hebrew calendar is a lunisolar calendar used mainly for Jewish festivities and observances. The Jewish calendar is used to determine the dates of Jewish holidays and the public recitals of passages from the Torah.

Muslim Calendar | Islamic Calendar

Muslim CalendarThe Muslim calendar, also referred to as the Islamic or Hijri calendar, is based on lunar cycles of 30 years. Used to date the days on which to observe religious events, like the annual fast (Ramadan) or the to attend Hajj, the Muslim calendar is in use by Muslim communities throughout the world.

Buddhist Calendar

Buddhist CalendarThe official Buddhist or Tibetan calendar is a series of lunisolar calendars used in Southeast Asian countries, such as, Cambodia, Thailand and Sri Lanka for religious and official events.

Hindu Calendar

Hindu CalendarThe Hindu calendar is the name given to a group of luni-sidereal calendars which have been in use throughout India since ancient times. The process of regionalization created several variations of the calendar with the more prominent including the Nepali calendar, Bengali calendar and Telugu calendar.

The Ethiopian Calendar

ethiopian calendarBased on older calendars, which in turn derive from the Egyptian calendar, the Ethiopian calendar is the main calendar used in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian calendar isa type of sidereal calendar and, according to its calculation of time, currently in the year 2006.

Iranian Calendar | Persian Calendar

Iranian CalendarThe Iranian calendar, also known as the Persian calendar, is formed by a succession of calendars which have been in use for over two millennia in Iran. The Iranian calendar is one of the longest chronological records, having been modified many times throughout history. However, the current Iranian calendar is now the official calendar used in Iran and Afghanistan.

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