Football Calendars

From the FA Cup to the EUROPA League, our free Football Calendars include fixture lists for all European and International football Leagues and Cups.

Soccer CalendarsOn this page, you can find all the free Football Calendars you’ll need to keep track of the time and date of all upcoming football matches. Covering the most important football matches from European to International Leagues and Cups, our selection of Football Calendars include the fixture lists for the Premier League, FA Cup and EUROPA League.

Barclays Premier League

The Barclays Premier League, commonly referred to as the English Premier League (EPL), is a professional English League for men´s association football clubs within the UK. Running from August to May every year with a total of 380 matches, the Premier League Calendar is available for you to find out all of the upcoming Premier League fixtures.

Premier League Calendar

UEFA Champions League

Keep up to date with all of the Champions League fixtures with the help of the free UEFA Champions League Calendar. As one of the most prominent and most watched sporting tournaments in the world, make sure you don't miss a moment of the Champions League Schedule.

UEFA Champions League Calendar

FA Cup

The FA Cup, also known as the Football Association Challenge Cup, is the world’s oldest annual football cup competition. All football teams throughout the UK are eligible to compete meaning that football clubs of varying levels can participate in the FA Cup from amateur teams to the most highly paid and well decorated clubs in England.

FA Cup Calendar

UEFA Europa League

The UEFA Europa League, previously known as the UEFA Cup, is an annual football competition organized by UEFA for all eligible European football clubs. Have a look at the UEFA Europa League Calendar to find out the Europa League Fixtures for all of the upcoming matches.

UEFA Europa League Calendar

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