General Election Countdown

The Countdown to the General Election has officially begun! Find out the days left until the General Election with the General Election Countdown Clock.

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Countdown to General ElectionOn this page, you can find out the time left until the General Elections by consulting the General Election Countdown Clock. Displaying the Countdown to the next General Election in remaining days, hours and minutes, the General Election Countdown is vital in reminding you the time you have left to cast your vote!

When is the General Election?

Following the Fixed Term Parliamentr Act on 15th September 2011, the date of the next General Election is scheduled for 7th May 2015. The Fixed Term Parliament Act allows for General Elections to be held on the first Thursday in May every five years. However, teh following two provisions can force a General Election to take place outside of the five year intervals:

  • A motion of no confidence which is passed in Her Majesty's Government by a simple majority with 14 days elapsing without the House passing a confidence motion in any new Government formed.
  • A motion for a general election is agreed by two thirds of the total number of seats in the House of Commons.

How does the General Election work?

Members of Parliament are elected from a number of candidates by a majority vote. The candidate with the most votes becomes the MP for his constituency.

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