Labor Day Countdown

Counting down the remaining days, hours and minutes until Labor Day, find out how long it is until Labor Day with the free Labor Day Countdown Clock.

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Days Until Labor DayFind out how long it is until Labor Day with the Labor Day Countdown Clock. Celebrated in the USA, Labor Day is also celebrated by most Americans as the symbolic end of the Summer Period and, in high society, as the last acceptable day of the year in which it is fashionable to wear white clothes. The Countdown to Labor Day is displayed in remaining days, hours and minutes to help you keep track of the days left until Labor Day.

The Countdowns Page has many more Holiday Countdowns for you to consult if you want to find out the time remaining until more important events.

Labor Day Countdown

Labor Day is a holiday celebrated in the USA on the first Monday in the month of September as a celebration of the American Labor Movement. Marking an annual tribute to the achievement of all American Workers who have contributed to the prosperity of their country, Labor Day was established as an official holiday in 1887 and first celebrated with a parade in New York City.

According to the Sports Calendar, Labor Day marks the beginning of the NFL season as the NFL traditionally plays their first game on the Thursday following the Holiday. Labor Day also marks an important point in the Tennis Calendar as the middle of weeks 1 and 2 of the US Open Tennis Championships.

In the School Calendar, Labor Day marks the beginning of the academic term time with most school districts resuming teaching around the Labor Day Holiday weekend. Most start classes on the week preceding Labor Day and others on the following Tuesday.

Labor Day has also come to be associated with the retail industry as the Labor Day Holiday marks one of the busiest and most important sale weekends in the USA second only to the Christmas Season's Black Friday.

In most other countries, Labor Day is equivalent to International Workers' Day which takes place on 1st May.


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