May Saints Days Calendar


May Feast DaysThe May Saints Days Calendar lists the names of Saints whose martyrdom and Sainthood is celebrated throughout the month of May. Also commonly referred to as Feast Days, Saints Days are part of our collection of Religious Calendars.


May Saints Day Calendar

May 1st: Saint Joseph the Worker

May 2nd: Saint Athanasius, bishop and doctor

May 3rd: Saints Philip and James, Apostles

May 12th: Saints Nereus and Achilleus, martyrs or Saint Pancras, martyr

May 14th: Saint Matthias the Apostle

May 18th: Saint John I, pope and martyr

May 20th: Saint Bernardine of Siena, priest

May 22nd: Saint Rita of Cascia

May 25th: Saint Gregory VII, pope and Saint Mary Magdalene de Pazzi, virgin

May 26th: Saint Philip Neri, priest

May 27th: Saint Augustine of Canterbury, bishop

May 30th: Saint Joan of Arc and Pope St. Felix I

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