November Saints Days Calendar


November Feast DaysThe Feast Days of a Saint, or Saints Days, are days upon which the celebration of one or more Saints take place. The days usually denote some sort of significance to the Saint┬┤s life or death and form part of the Religious Calendar referred to as the Calendar of Saints.

November Saints Day Calendar

November 1st: All Saints

November 2nd: All Souls

November 3rd: Saint Martin de Porres and Saint Malachy

November 4th: Saint Charles Borromeo, Bishop

November 9th: Dedication of the Lateran basilica and Saint Theodore, Martyr

November 11th:Saint Martin of Tours, Bishop and Saint Mennas, Martyr

November 15th: Saint Albert the Great, Bishop and Doctor

November 18th: Dedication of the Basilicas of Saints Peter and Paul, Apostles

November 22nd: Saint Cecilia, Martyr

November 23rd: Saint Clement I, Pope and Martyr

November 24th: Saint Andrew Dung Lac and his companions, Martyrs. Saint John of the Cross, Saint Chrysogonus and the 117 Martyrs of Vietnam

November 25th: Saint Catherine of Alexandria

November 30th: Saint Andrew the Apostle

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