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January Saints Days Calendar

January Feast DaysIn the Feast Day Calendar for the month of January, the names of the Saints celebrated by the Roman Catholic community are displayed. As part of our selection of Religious Calendars, the Calendar of Saints for January can be used to find out which Saints are celebrated throughout the course of the month.

January Saints Day Calendar

January 1st: Mary the Blessed Virgin, Mother of God

January 2nd: St Basil, St Gregory Nazianzen and St Marcarius

January 3rd: St. Genevieve

January 4th: St. Dafrosa and St. Elizabeth Seton

January 6th:Sts. Gaspar, Melchior and Balthasar

January 7th: St. Lucian, St. Raymond of Pennafort and St. Valentine

January 8th: St. Appolinaris

January 9th: St. Julian of Antioch and St. Peter of Sebaste

January 10th: St. Nicanor and St. William of Bourges

January 11th: St. Hyginius andSt. Alexander

January 12th: St. Benedict Biscop and St. Marguerite Bourgeoys

January 13th: Saint Hilary of Poitiers

January 17th: St. Sulpice and St. Anthony the Abbot

January 18th: St. Prisca, Feast of the Chair of St. Peter of Rome

January 19th: Sts. Marius, Martha and Sons, Martyrs, St. Canute, King and Martyr

January 20th: St. Fabian the Martyr and St. Sebastian the Martyr

January 21st: St. Agnes the Martyr

January 22nd: St. Vincent of Saragozza, Martyr

January 25th: The Conversion of Saint Paul the Apostle

January 26th: Saints Timothy and Titus, bishops

January 27th: Saint Angela Merici, virgin

January 28th: Saint Thomas Aquinas, priest and doctor

January 31st: Saint John Bosco, priest