March Saints Days Calendar

March Feast DaysThe March Saints Days Calendar shows the names of various Saints and the days to which the celebration of their Sainthood is assigned by the Roman Catholic community. From our section of Religious Calendars, the March Saints Days Calendar indicates the most significant Saints Days, also known as Feast Days, during the month of March.

March Saints Day Calendar

March 1st: Saint David's Day, Patron of Wales and Saint Katherine Drexel

March 4th: Saint Francis of Assisi and Saint Casimir

March 7th: Saint Perpetua and Saint Felicity

March 8th: Saint John of God

March 9th: Saint Frances of Rome

March 12th: Saint Nicholas Owen and Saint Gregory the Great

March 17th: Saint Patrick, bishop

March 18th: Saint Cyril of Jerusalem, bishop and doctor

March 19th: Saint Joseph, husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary

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