2014 Solar Calendar

Sun CalendarOn this page, you can find the free 2014 Solar Calendar with all the information you´ll need to know about the sun and its movements during the course of the year which make up just a small part of our Astronomy Calendars section.

With the help of the 2014 Solar Calendar, we can predict precisely when the sun will rise and set each day throughout the year 2014. With the dates provided by the 2014 Solar Calendar, calculating the amount of daylight hours each day is made simple. Consequently, the progression of seasons as well as the shortest and longest days of the year can be accurately predicted.

The 2014 Solar Calendar is readily available, simply choose the location and year you want to consult and the calendar tool will do the rest, generating the specific Solar Calendar you´re looking for. You can also compare the dates provided by the 2014 Solar Calendar with those of the moon thanks to the 2014 Lunar Calendar.

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