2015 Solar Calendar

Sun CalendarYou can find your free 2015 Solar Calendar here with everything you need to know about the Sun and its movements throughout the year 2015.

Making up part of our Astronomy Calendars section, the 2015 Solar Calendar can be used to predict the upcoming sunrises and sunsets for each day in 2015. The dates of these Solar occurrences, as provided by the 2015 Sun Calendar, can help to calculate the total number of daylight hours during the course of the year, the progress of the seasons and both the longest and shortest days of the year 2015.

Simply choose the location and year you want to consult and enter the data into the Solar Calendar generator. The specific Solar Calendar you´re looking for will be displayed and can be compared to the corresponding 2015 Lunar Calendar in order to predict other Astronomical occurrences throughout the year.

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