April 2015 Calendar

April CalendarOn this page, you can find a printable calendar for April 2015. Ready to customize with all your important dates, appointments and meetings, you can download and print the April 2015 calendar for free by clicking on the April 2015 calendar image and either downloading it onto your desktop or printing it straightaway.


Free Printable April 2015 Calendar

April 2015 Calendar


April is the fourth month of the year in the Gregorian Calendar and one of four months to have a length of 30 days. Predominantly characterized by Easter festivities, April 2015 starts on a wednesday and ends on a thursday with a total of four complete weekends. In the UK, both Good Friday on the 3rd April 2015 and Easter Monday on 6th April 2015 are Bank Holidays.

Perhaps a slightly less anticipated date is the 15th April 2015, marking Tax Day in the USA.

According to the 2015 Sports Calendar, April 9th 2015 is the opening of the Grand National, so all horse racing enthousiasts should start placing their bets and record the Grand National date in their printable 2015 calendar now!

Start planning your Easter with the help of your own April 2015 Calendar ready to download and print for free. We also have an annual calendar to help you organize your entire year with the free 2015 calendar.

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