NFL Draft Countdown

The the NFL Draft Countdown shows the remaining days, hours and minutes until the NFL Draft is announced for the new NFL Season!

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Days Until NFL DarftFind out the remaining days, hours and minutes until the NFL Draft officially takes place for the upcoming NFL Season with the help of the NFL Draft Countdown. The date of the NFL Draft is usually announced in late summer. The Countdown to the NFL Draft can be found here so start preparing for the new Football Season now!

For more information regarding the NFL Season and matches, you can consult our NFL Calendar which makes up part of our Sports Calendars Section. However, If you're more interested in finding out the days left until more matches and Sports Events, take a look at our Countdowns Page.

NFL Draft Countdown

The NFL Draft (National Football League Draft), also known as the Player Selection Meeting, is an annual Sports Event in which NFL teams select College Football Players. Making up the most common source of the NFL's player recruitment, the NFL Draft changes continually every year to accommodate more fans.

The NFL Drafting Order gives each team a position in reverse order based on its record in the previous year. This means that the team which finished in last place is positioned first within the NFL Draft.

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