Halloween Countdown

Displaying the days remaining until the next Halloween, find out how long you have to prepare for All Hallows’ Eve with the Halloween Countdown Clock.

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Days until HalloweenOn this page, you can find out how many days are left until Halloween officially begins with the free Halloween Countdown Clock. The Halloween Countdown times the exact number of days, hours, minutes and seconds until Halloween can officially begin. Use the Halloween Countdown to keep up to date with all your spooky preparations for the Holiday as it counts down to the big day when Halloween decorations can be hung, costumes can be made and pumpkins can be carved!

For more Holiday Countdowns designed to help you keep track of all upcoming Celebrations and Festivities, you can find more on the Countdowns Page.

Halloween | All Hallows' Eve

On 31st October and the eve of the Western Christian Feast of All Hallows' Day, Halloween officially takes place. All Hallows´Eve is believed by many academics to be a Christian Feast with Pagan roots while other scholars maintain that the Holiday originated independent from the Gaelic Samhain with deeply Christian roots.

Traditionally introduced as a time to remember the dead including all Saints and martyrs, Halloween is celebrated with trick-or-treating, costume parties, pumpkin carving, bonfires and many more festive celebrations. Don't miss a moment that could be spent preparing for your Halloween with the help of the Halloween Countdown!

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